Storing your baby’s stem cells

Cord blood and cord tissue are rich in powerful stem cells that can only be collected at birth for potential future use.


Stem cells can be used now for medical treatments and new therapies are being researched for potential future uses of cord blood and tissue, for conditions including type-1 diabetes, cerebral palsy and autism.


Your baby’s stem cells are a perfect match for your child and may be a match for siblings.


Store with Insception Lifebank, Canada’s largest and most experienced cord blood and tissue bank. Today, parents of more than 150,000 babies have stored with the Insception Lifebank Group.

Insception Lifebank is a trusted partner of key hospitals:



Many parents are emphasizing the importance of investing in future health care options for their family. We’re maintaining our laboratory and collection network in full operation to ensure uninterrupted services.